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This is a community for fans of the characters slytherin house. Any combination characters is welcome to be posted here.
Just as long as it has a slytherin character in the post.
Fan art and FanFiction are both welcome as well as links to other sites.
Ever rating is welcome but please be sure to place a warning on any NC-17/adult content.


I know no one likes rules but we wall have to live by them and family_sliver has just a few to live by
1:The most important thing with this community is to enjoy yourself and to have fun so no flaming anyone if a work is not what you like that does not give you the write to flame just pass that post over.
2: All post MUST have something to do with slytherin house characters.
3: All fics must be rated appropriately and warnings must be placed on slash or adult content.
4:Plase place all large photos and art beneath a LJ Cut
5: You must like slytherin


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