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First-Time Fest! - family sliver
First-Time Fest!
(Hope this is okay to post...)

The New Library First-Time Fest


This is a new fest, which will begin in just over a week's time (August 17th!)

The goal is for authors to try something new. So...

Never actually written anything before? Normally a bit scared of these fests and exchanges where everyone seems to know what they're doing? Well, at this fest everyone is doing something new, so it's a great time to start writing fanfic!

And if you've already written, well...

Normally write lengthy fics? Five, six, ten thousand words per chapter? Why not try writing drabbles or a perfectly timed one-shot?
Normally write slash, but curious about femmeslash? Or het? Or gen? Or vice versa? Then try it!
Normally write humour? Darkfic? Then why not try writing your OTP in a different way?
Normally write SS/HG or Dramione? Want to stick with your favourite Slytherin but mix it up a little and add a new partner? Feel free!

This is essentially what we hope everyone will do. Try writing a different fic length, a different ship, a different genre! You can pick a prompt that appeals to you but is a little different and experiment! We;re hoping for some wonderfully diverse stories to get written this fall, so please come join in if you think you'd enjoy it!